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esteysbridge      2016-10-22
New Brunswick city grapples with bylaw restricting trick-or-treatersBATHURST, N.B. -- Older teens hoping to take to the streets of a northern New Brunswick community on Halloween may find an unusual bylaw blocking their pursuit of sugary loot.The City of Bathurst has a long-standing, but little-known rule on the books that forbids trick-or-treating or wearing a face covering after 7 p.m. It also prohibits anyone over 14 from going door-to-door.The council is now taking a look at the 2005 bylaw a
esteysbridge      2016-10-22
Estey’s Bridge residents fuming over rock quarry, worried about proposal for anotherThe Estey's rock quarry built in a community just north of Fredericton has resident's asking about the government's approval process. Laura Brown reports.ESTEY’S BRIDGE, N.B. – Residents along Royal Road just north of Fredericton are calling on New Brunswick’s Environment Minister to answer questions they have about a rock quarry built near their homes.They’re also worrie