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Rural areas north of Fredericton debate amalgamation 3 local service districts talk to public this m


Rural areas north of Fredericton debate amalgamation

3 local service districts talk to public this month about forming single community




A movement to combine three local service districts in central New Brunswick into a single community with its own local government is well underway.


The proposed Nashwaak Rural Community would be created by amalgamating the local service districts of Stanley, Estey's Bridge and St. Mary's. 


The group held its first meeting on Monday night at the Penniac Rec Centre with about 60 people in attendance.


  • Committee wants to form rural community outside Fredericton

More meetings are scheduled for January and may be followed by a feasibility study that will determine the fate of the local service districts.  

"Communities have changed," said Mike Chamberlain, the chair of the St. Mary's local service district, who supports amalgamation. "Interests have changed and it's time for a restructuring."


Chamberlain said the amalgamated community north of Fredericton would function as a municipality, consisting of a mayor, councillors and wards. This would allow the community to control its own local government, he said.


Under the present set-up, the minister of environment and local government heads the local service districts that exist in rural areas across the province, he said. 


"Presently, the minister is our mayor," Chamberlain said. "We don't have any control over our own affairs with the current system."

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