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Skaters eager for more outdoor rinks in Fredericton area to open


Skaters eager for more outdoor rinks in Fredericton area to open


Fredericton's largest skating surface has been delayed due to New Year's celebrations and a potential thaw



The Tale of Two Shinnys is unfolding in Fredericton this winter: one outdoor ice rink has had its opening delayed repeatedly and the other has become too crowded.


That's left some Fredericton area skaters frustrated with the lack of operational outdoor rinks, despite near-perfect conditions.

Officers' Square, the city's largest seasonal ice surface, hasn't been flooded yet partly because officials held off for New Year's Eve celebrations and now because of the possibility of an upcoming thaw. 


"We're still putting in the ice," said Wayne Knorr, communications coordinator. "But crews are going to wait a bit longer because it's supposed to get warmer for the next few days. 


"And we didn't want (the ice) damaged or people to slip during New Year's." 


Eugene Heuangsysayasith

Eugene Heuangsysayasith and 10 friends came to Officers' Square looking for an ice surface Tuesday night, but were disappointed to find the ice hadn't been installed yet. The group found the only open surface, Mitch Clark Park, much too crowded. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

The city has plowed the area in preparation for flooding, but so far that has only left some local skaters feeling a little duped. 

"I'm disappointed," said Eugene Heuangsysayasith, who showed up to Officers' Square with skates and 10 friends looking to skate on Tuesday evening. "I think it's kind of late, because it's getting close to midwinter. So hopefully it gets done soon." 


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